The best secret tips for italy vacationers – what a venetian from nurnberg recommends

The best secret tips for italy vacationers - what a venetian from nurnberg recommends

Where tourists push their way through the streets, alessandra brisotto doesn’t feel at home. She hasn’t been to venice’s markus square for years, says the venetian-born actress. "This is just too crowded for me. But I love venice." Just like her adopted hometown of nurnberg, where the 47-year-old has lived for the past five years. Both cities are closely connected. She talks about the mercantile bureaus that patrician families from nuremberg used to keep in venice and about the marcuslowe, a symbol of venice that still exists in some places in nuremberg. Alessandra brisotto makes city tours of nurnberg. She writes and teaches. She is an artist and clever small businesswoman, because she earns her money only with things that make her money: "on my language tours we visit artists, friends of mine. And we go to places that no one knows here in germany."

Off to the italian middle ages

That can be hubsche dorfer, but also cultural monuments. Rome, naples, florence – culture abounds in italy, but few know matera in the basilicata region. "It is a world heritage site, says brisotto and tells about the old town, which consists in large part of hollow settlements. She also recommends ascoli piceno in the marche region to city travelers: "a very beautiful medieval town"." Every august the "giostra della quintana" takes place there a horse show that dates back to the middle ages. Brisotto uses her smartphone to search the internet for photos of the historic hikes that most of the residents wear with them. "Look: great!"

The magic of the marche region

The italian also finds the area around ascoli, the nature and the light in the region marks "magical". She doesn’t understand why so many germans go to tuscany. "The hills in the marche are beautiful, the sea is great, the food is great, there are small villages, medieval towns and it’s not expensive." Brands is brisotto’s secret tip.

Venice must be

In spite of the masses of tourists, the venetian by birth definitely recommends venice as well. Often it depends there only on when you do something. "If you take the gondola in the evening from 7 pm, it’s already. The day tourists are gone and there is not so much traffic on the water!" At the carnival it is between the "fat thursday until "fat tuesday almost impossible to move in the city. The days before brisotto loves because you meet the masks in unexpected places. But you like venice best in october, when the fog is over the city. "Suddenly someone emerges from a small side street and "whoosh", she sweeps away the words with a wave of her hand "he has disappeared. Venice always hides something."

Mysterious kitchen

The mysterious cultivates the city even in the food: "the taste is amazing. Venice has a simple cuisine, but you don’t understand what’s in it: meat tastes like meat, and fish tastes like fish. Venetians hate this way." Especially the well dosed spices and herbs make up the venetian cuisine. Brisotto recommends small restaurants in the castello district, between markus square and the arsenal: "you can eat well. And not expensive at all." There are few tourists, but small shops and venetians who sit and look at the square santi giovanni e paolo. "The houses are simple, colorful", alessandra brisotto looks into the distance, laughs: "this is the real venetian atmosphere"."

Insider tip for lovers

The charming little mountain village of castelluccio in umbria is alessandra brisotto’s secret tip for lovers: lentils are traditionally grown in the village’s pubs. Because no weedkiller is used, the seeds are "contaminated" with wildflower seeds: in one field mainly poppy, in the next rape and in the third cornflower. Between the end of may and july it’s like colors explode in the landscape: red, yellow and blue. The bleeding "weed is a phenomenon that attracts daytime tourists to the area for photo safaris. "In the evening they are all gone", says alessandra brisotto. "There are a few small restaurants where you can eat very well. You go for a walk, look at the flowers and spend the night in a guesthouse. Very romantic." Castelluccio is located in a beautiful area next to the monti-sibillini national park.

Tips for the already-geeky and the geniuses

For alessandra brisotto, the best thing about italy is the light. Vacationers can enjoy the sunset by the sea. "In the vineyards, i find the light especially great." The venetian recommends the regions of marche and veneto: the prosecco area around valdobbiadene, tarzo and conegliano for example. "In october, when the leaves are still green, and only a little yellow, early, at a quarter to seven, comes this magical light." To the pleasure belong also the products of the vineyards: in germany little known, but very good are for example the red wines gran maestro, amarone and raboso or the white pecorino (wine, not cheese)!). "And better than prosecco is the cartizze." When it comes to food, she says, there is something special in every town. But one thing is a must everywhere – even if everybody knows it: "pizza is great in italy!"

The electorate of neunkirchen am sand also has a recommendation for families

Genoa in the region of liguria is not only a beautiful city, but also has the second largest aquarium in europe (behind valencia, spain). The "whale pavilion with a glass underwater tunnel is the latest attraction, very popular with children is also the annex: a ship’s hull, in which there are open pools with a replica rainforest and some fish may be touched. Once a month you can spend the night in front of the shark aquarium and complement your visit to the aquarium with a trip to the whale sanctuary.

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