The dog days are there – summer to the weekend

the dog days are there - summer to the weekend

High "xerxes" continues to drive them high – on wednesday and thursday they should be between 26 degrees on the coasts and 33 degrees on the rhine, main or neibe rivers. Also on friday it will be again over 30 degrees heib, said meteorologist stefan kulzer of the german weather service (DWD) in offenbach forecast.

But then "xerxes" falters, and on saturday rain clouds gather again from the west. "On sunday it will be foul weather all over germany again," said kulzer. This is what all the computer models calculated. The weather change could be postponed at the most by one more day. There is no doubt that he will come: "I would bet on it," said kulzer.

According to the traditional rule, the weeks between the 23rd and the 23rd of december are the most important. July and 23. August most heiben days within a year in central europe. The dog days are named after the constellation of the coarse dog.

It also gets much warmer at night. In the night to wednesday the temperatures are everywhere double-digit, the night to friday could become a tropical night with minimum values around 20 degrees in some places.

Single-digit values prevailed in many places on monday night. The weather service meteomedia even registered light frost in bavaria and saxony. The warmest place in the night to monday was the north sea island helgoland with 17 degrees – according to the words of DWD meteorologists not surprising, because that corresponds to the temperature of the north sea water.

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