The spanish fly celebrates its premiere in heldritt

the spanish fly celebrates its premiere in heldritt

"There is no such thing as bad weather…", an old saying that is preserved on the waldbuhne almost yearly. With blankets and pillows in their packs, the spectators arrived again this year and did not let the cold spoil their good mood.

With folk music and dialect jokes, the werrataler blasmusikanten set the mood for the premiere. Friedhelm wolfert, chairman of the heimatverein, buried the "trotz-public", defying the weather, the market and fubball. The dress rehearsal on friday evening took place in pouring rain, the guests were spared the wet from above this evening.

Not only the club had shown a lucky hand with the choice of the amusement game, but even more so director michal sykora with the cast of the roles. Mario forster clearly took the cake as the choleric mustrich manufacturer ludwig klinke. The movement, mimicry and gestures he produced on stage were ripe for professional theater.

Freshly discovered love
"The spanish fly escaped into the milieu of the twenties – a bit stiff, but definitely with a portion of noblesse. The distorted emma klinke (susanne hofmann) as the truest of morals with her head held high and her lips pursed. The two girls paula and wally, played by alicia fertsch and dagmar ganz, knew convincingly how to draw snouts and still spin tendrils. The result is a confusing game about the tomboyish lawyer dr. Gerlach, alias arne muller, in his usual professional manner, around the gentle, shrewish heinrich, who in the end almost becomes a fighter, because it is about his newly discovered love. With the young man tizian spath as heinrich, who is the subject of three crazy paternity stories, the heldritter theater troupe has attracted a remarkable talent from coburg.

It's about love and a faded marriage, about the flirtation of respected gentlemen with a spanish dancer two decades ago, about multiple alimony payments for an alleged son, about 200 tons of mustrich and a detective who digs into old stories. As alois wimmer, stefan dressel steps into sherlock holmes shoes to trace past loves and in the process puts his own foot in his mouth.

Everything was perfectly staged down to the smallest detail, from the stiff-witted reichstag deputy burwig (michael pertsch) to the dorky uncle tiedemeyer (manfred kratschmann) to the dust-waving housekeeper marie, karola kratschmann – an actress who gave even the smallest role its full meaning right throw is able to give.

The gentlemen in tails, the ladies in high-necked dresses, the ladies in petticoat skirts and pomade-parted hair, a for today's ears screwed up way of expression let the 20s revive – with a breath of frivolity behind uptight moral strictness.

Absolute secret tip
The audience enjoyed this premiere to the fullest. They gave plenty of applause. Only one person had nothing to do this evening, burcu karabulut, the prompter, and if she did, no one noticed.

Of course, everything will be all right in the end, the lovers will get along, and the madhouse will come to rest. "The spanish fly", who is definitely not mathilde (or birgit fertsch), as the respected city councilor's wife is called, friend of emma and mother of heinrich, is this season's absolute secret tip.

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