The “strabs” attracted the untersiemauer to the burgers’ meeting

The 'strabs' attracted the untersiemauer to the burgers' meeting

When it comes to the money supply, the burghers also come out from behind their warming stove. At the town hall meeting for all parts of the community in the auditorium of the untersiemau elementary and secondary school, there was a queue at first. To get the attendance lists, some patience was required from the 230 visitors (untersiemau has 4157 inhabitants). Mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) was only able to open the interesting meeting after a 20-minute delay. Main topic: strabenausbaubeitragssatzung (strabs).

As was the case almost two weeks ago at the city council meeting, this legislation is an injustice for the ratepayers, as it is now for the citizens, "that should not be tolerated", said a large part of the audience. Some residents felt that something had to be done about it. Under the motto: "who does not defend himself, lives wrongly!" One group asked the mayor to draft a petition for the burghers to sign. Rosenbauer’s objection that the mayors of the district had only made representations to the ministry of the interior in october was simply ignored.

Nothing has been made public yet

Again and again, accompanied by applause, the sentences: "one must not accept everything and must fight against it – if it must be with demos!" From the other side of the room, it was said that the strabs were already being opposed throughout bavaria – even in the municipalities that have already had the statute for a long time. "For many things", according to rosenbauer "our hands are legally tied, however!"
When asked when the settlements will begin, the mayor replied reassuringly, "don’t worry, they won’t start overnight"!" As long as there is no legally binding decision of the legal supervisor, the municipality will not publish any bylaws and will not carry out new tree inspections, he added.

Unique contributions

Before these discussions, rosenbauer and the executive officer, rolf reisenweber, explained the much-discussed articles of association, which were adopted on 1 january 2008. January 2018 is to come into force, endeavors understandable. For untersiemau, the council had decided on a bylaw with a one-time contribution to cover the expenses. This concerns the construction, acquisition, improvement or renewal of roads, paths, squares and parking spaces.

As citizen-friendly as possible

The mayor said that efforts had been made to make the moderate decisions as citizen-friendly as possible. Among other things, the municipal shares had been set a lot higher than in the case of the state of bavaria’s model statute. So there will be no more "business as usual", the mayor said. That’s why the budget approval process will change starting in 2018. A change of this law is only possible for the state parliament. Some movement is already noticeable in munich. A reading on this topic is scheduled for april 2018. Rosenbauer is hopeful that, if not abolished, a "real can-do" will one day arise again crystallized.

After three hours of discussion about the strabs, and with the rows of chairs slowly thinning out, the head of the municipality conveyed the remaining items on the agenda in telegram style. Among other things, these included the current status of the construction of a traffic circle, the recreational area at the schlossteich pond, the expansion of the north and south commercial areas, and the designation of various new construction areas in the untersiemau, meschenbach, scherneck, birkach am forst, obersiemau and stoppach districts.

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