The sun attracted to the lake

The sun attracted to the lake

There was a lot of activity at the mainerlebnistag around the ortswiesensee in oberwallenstadt, which was organized by the environmental station of the district on christi himmelfahrt (saint’s day). Many of the countless visitors came to fub or by bike to the quarry pond in summery weather to take part in the many hands-on activities for the whole family, to get information on various topics at the different stands, or simply to let themselves be spoiled by the sun for a while and to enjoy a strong bite to eat.

First thing in the morning at the pavilion to the path of the wicker culture buried the corb city queen alicia I., nina regina notzelmann, master of the state guild of wickerwork, and district administrator christian meibner (CSU) the first visitors.

Boat trips on the lake

The boat trips on the quarry pond were particularly popular with families with children. There was a big turnout at the lichtenfels water rescue service, which offered round trips by motorboat. The young people, who were equipped with life jackets, had a lot of fun doing a few laps on the lake as passengers at a fairly high speed, so that the water splashed up.

Those who wanted it more quietly, got into a canoe from the albatros canoe rental and paddled leisurely across the lake. But also fully occupied pedal boats populated the lake. Many small children romped around on the rough sandcastle directly at the lake, handled shovels, molds and buckets and dug eagerly in the sand. Nearby, the stand of the environmental station was always very crowded. Under the guidance of eckart henzler, the youngsters were able to carve their own little boat and then immediately test the navigability of their creation on its maiden voyage in the lake.

With the box climbing under the mighty old oak tree, another action of the environment station was highly frequented. Even if you were secured with a rope, it took skill and a fair amount of courage to stack one beer crate on top of the other and climb up yourself to stand on 16 swaying beer crates under the overhanging crown of the tree, as ten-year-old fabrizia from lichtenfels, for example, did with aplomb.

Making river faces

At a third stand of the environmental station, the children had to prove their creativity again by creating "river faces" under the guidance of kathrin stromer tinkering with bark and clay.

The garden friends of wallenstadt had set up a rough water course in which the task was to transport water over various obstacles. At the same time, the gardening association drew attention to the upcoming founding of a youth group with children from four to eight years of age.

For main discoverers

Much worth knowing had the "river paradise franconia" under the motto "fun and games for "main discoverers to offer. In a quiz, for example, the beaver (furry river builder), the kingfisher (blue jewel on diving station), the mussel (hard shell, soft core), the river plover (funny whistler between pebbles) and the pike (hunter in the underwater forest) had to be guessed. At the information stand of the city one could tinker small fish from peddigrohr. The nature conservation alliance drew attention to the global plastic problem, not only to the huge plastic carpet in the world’s oceans, but also to the microplastic particles in shower products.

The mainfischereigemeinschaft provided information on fly fishing, the kreisgruppe vogelschutz on native waterfowl, natura 2000 obermain-jura on the river floodplain habitat, the health department of the district office on sun and tick protection, and main-suc-strom on tours of the oberwallenstadt hydroelectric power plant.

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