“Unbelievable. Simply stupid”: lauterbach sharply criticizes laschet after conversation with lateral thinker

Union chancellor candidate armin laschet and SPD health expert karl lauterbach argue about how to deal with a burger who suddenly came onto the stage unasked during one of laschet’s appearances. The head of the CDU had a long chat with the man at the event in erfurt on friday – at a very short distance. Lauterbach wrote on twitter: "unbelievable. Armin laschet lets himself be shouted at by a lateral thinker without a mask at a distance of 20 cm. That’s not close to a burger, it’s just stupid." Laschet spoke of the incident in potsdam on saturday, arguing that people must be listened to.

Otherwise, the social climate would become even rougher than it already was. "Karl lauterbach reproaches me for this, says that you can’t talk to these people, and thus poisons the climate once again."Lauterbach again refused to accept this argument. "I did not criticize that he let himself be shouted at by a querdenker. Only that he lets himself be yelled at without masks at a distance of 20 cm", wrote the SPD politician. The man had complained about the thuringian state government’s corona measures in schools, which provide a bubgeld in the first two weeks for parents whose children are neither vaccinated nor tested and are not considered to be in good health.

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