Volkach: mobile home burned out after technical defect

Volkach: mobile home burned out after technical defect

The volkach fire department was called out on friday evening around 21.30 o’clock to the volkacher mainufer to the fire of a mobile home summoned. A team under heavy respiratory protection immediately began with the rescue work. At the same time, a propane gas cylinder was recovered from the flaming vehicle and cooled down by the emergency workers.

Another respiratory protection team was on standby to support the firefighting efforts during the course of the operation. The fire was quickly brought under control, and after just under three quarters of an hour, the final extinguishing work was completed. The volkach fire department had 17 volunteers and four vehicles on the scene.

According to the volkach fire department, the fire was caused by a battery-powered loudspeaker that was charged in the caravan. Despite the quick intervention of the fire department, the vehicle was totally damaged. The fire department would like to take this opportunity to thank the emergency response team of the wurzburg police and the volkach cab company leykamm, which spontaneously transported a large number of the emergency response team from the festival site directly to the fire department building, thus enabling a faster intervention.

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