What will happen to the stadtsteinach train station??

What will happen to the stadtsteinach train station??

Station districts, at least in large cities, usually have an air of dinginess and disrepute. Some more or less illegal trades had been established in the area. Deutsche bahn has invested millions over the past few years to renovate and refurbish train stations. Buildings have been renovated, some converted into shopping centers with restaurants and cafes. The toilet facilities were renovated. There will be cleanliness and security – patrols by security services and the railroad police.

It’s different in the country. There, train stations are often left to themselves and thus to decay, replaced by ticket machines, privatized or used for other purposes, such as in trebgast by the diakonie, in untersteinach by a restaurant, or in kulmbach by the youth center.

Stadtsteinach has never been a real railroad station for passenger transport. In the post-war period, however, it was possible to take the commuter train from untersteinach, sometimes as far as kulmbach. The railroad line is still used today for transporting ballast from the stadtsteinach quarry if necessary. At the stadtsteinach terminus, an aging loading tower is used for this purpose.

At the most recent meeting of the untersteinach town council, council member alfred viebmann voiced his suspicion that the ballast from stadtsteinach would soon be loaded onto railroad cars at the railroad silos in untersteinach. A year ago, the railroad informed the stadtsteinach city council that two of the four tracks and one stub track were to be removed. What is happening with the railroad station building in stadtsteinach, asked city councilor wolfgang heib (CSU) at the most recent meeting of the city council?. The building is gradually falling into disrepair and has already been fenced off with picket fences. The city should clarify whether the building now poses a danger, so that the railroad, as the owner, is obliged to act or must be obliged to act.

"Come time come train, we’ll talk when the opportunity arises", mayor roland wolfrum describes the possibilities of the city to get into conversation with the coarse, albeit privatized, authority of the railroad at all.

Not in view

The railroad does not have stadtsteinach in mind. According to the press office of the deutsche bahn AG, there are no plans or intentions concerning the building. Nor are there any plans to reactivate the single-track and technically intact line as part of an improvement in local public transport.

To relieve the city of kulmbach, which is expected to house up to 1000 students in the foreseeable future, with student housing in stadtsteinach is one of the possible fantasies in stadtsteinach that could revive a commuter rail service.

In addition, the reactivation of the railroad line to stadtsteinach was a further fantasy in the course of the connection of the district to the nurnberg transport network, from which the town could also benefit in its efforts to open up the area to tourists. For the time being, however, the stadtsteinach train station district is going the way of all things earthly.

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