Whitsun wine festival in seinsheim begins in a full tent

Whitsun wine festival in seinsheim begins in a full tent

At the reception for invited guests in the historic town hall, markus mergenthaler dealt with the french language and its "hard and soft letters. He described alois josef ruppert as a pioneer of records in poetry form. Ruppert came to neuses am berg in 1872 as a teacher, town clerk and writer. There he had begun to collect payments and poems and to compose his own poems in the dialect, until he died in 1916 in geiselwind.

As one of the wine paradise communities, seinsheim benefits from the wine paradise trail between nenzenheim and weigenheim. Wine paradise managing director annerose pehl-durr presented the trail as an enjoyment route on which one can experience magnificent views of unspoilt landscapes from the hohenbuhl in seinsheim. Information boards point out the respective villages and their special features to the visitors.

From the neighborhood of iphofen, wine princess laura brought a wine made from dried grapes of the muller-thurgau variety. During the harvest, 85 degrees oechsle were measured, and after drying the wine was concentrated at 100 degrees oechsle. After that, the wine was vinified as a normal wine. It is characterized by a coarse substance supported by a light acidity. The wine is unique in franconia and is called strohwein in austria. This protected designation may not be used however.

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