You embroider, knit, hook and tinker

You embroider, knit, hook and tinker

For months, the handicraft ladies of the catholic women's circle met regularly in the sankt kilian parish hall to embroider, knit, hook, and craft together. But that alone was not enough to cope with the workload. The creative women therefore continued to work at home, even taking night shifts.

At their annual bazaar in the parish hall, the busy ladies now tried to "sell" their work. The extensive assortment, with which they have many "customers" included sofa cushions, the popular wool socks, baby socks, slippers, artfully designed blankets, warming muffs, decorative items and much more.

In the catholic church community and in the executive committee of the women's group, the success of the small group, which was founded 45 years ago, is to be appreciated. "Our creative ladies are not only an important pillar of the association, they are also our main source of income", praises women's circle chairwoman roswitha arnold. Without their voluntary commitment, the annual donation campaigns in the pre-christmas period would not have been possible. This time, the women donated more than 2,000 euros for the electricity costs in the parish hall, the flower decorations in the parish church and for the musical creation of the church choir. Eight handicapped citizens in the area of the municipality were pleased to receive cash gifts from the women in the amount of 800 euros. The women's circle supported the schwister-gummi-stiftung in kulmbach, one of the leading child and youth welfare organizations in northern bavaria, with 500 euros. The creative women meet once a week in the parish hall to do handicrafts. Citizens who are interested in the beautiful, partly extremely artistic handicrafts of the group, who would like to look at them and possibly buy something, can do so at the handicraft afternoons every tuesday at 2 p.M. In the parish hall. But also new tinkerers are always welcome. 

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