The “strabs” attracted the untersiemauer to the burgers’ meeting

The 'strabs' attracted the untersiemauer to the burgers' meeting

When it comes to the money supply, the burghers also come out from behind their warming stove. At the town hall meeting for all parts of the community in the auditorium of the untersiemau elementary and secondary school, there was a queue at first. To get the attendance lists, some patience was required from the 230 visitors (untersiemau has 4157 inhabitants). Mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) was only able to open the interesting meeting after a 20-minute delay. Main topic: strabenausbaubeitragssatzung (strabs).

As was the case almost two weeks ago at the city council meeting, this legislation is an injustice for the ratepayers, as it is now for the citizens, "that should not be tolerated", said a large part of the audience. Some residents felt that something had to be done about it. Under the motto: "who does not defend himself, lives wrongly!" One group asked the mayor to draft a petition for the burghers to sign. Rosenbauer’s objection that the mayors of the district had only made representations to the ministry of the interior in october was simply ignored.

Nothing has been made public yet

Again and again, accompanied by applause, the sentences: "one must not accept everything and must fight against it – if it must be with demos!" From the other side of the room, it was said that the strabs were already being opposed throughout bavaria – even in the municipalities that have already had the statute for a long time. "For many things", according to rosenbauer "our hands are legally tied, however!"
When asked when the settlements will begin, the mayor replied reassuringly, "don’t worry, they won’t start overnight"!" As long as there is no legally binding decision of the legal supervisor, the municipality will not publish any bylaws and will not carry out new tree inspections, he added.


Guided tour of the green hospital

Guided tour of the green hospital

Bright rooms with a beautiful view, automatically dimmed lights and underfloor heating – no, we're not talking about a hotel here, but about the new clinic in lichtenfels. At today's burgerfest, visitors can take their first look at the new building. "But don't be alarmed, we are still in the construction phase.", warns county councilor christian meibner (CSU). One day before the official tour, he presents the green hospital together with construction coordinator tristan rinker and hospital director eva gill. At the inauguration, meibner can breathe a sigh of relief: "we've got our work cut out for us, but i can say that we're satisfied with the quality and may even undercut the construction costs." About 80 million these.

Everyone should feel comfortable

Patients should feel comfortable during their stay at the clinic. There are a total of 276 beds and four double wards, with one ward containing 32 beds. These are divided into double and single rooms. According to eva gill, there will definitely be no triple rooms or beds in the corridor here. "When the hospital is full, it is full", confirms the district administrator. And that is also in the interest of the patient.

Japanese interested in "green hospital
with a new screen at the bed, a gentle view of nature and an automatic light system, the stay should be as pleasant as possible. The fully automatic light system turns on at wake-up time, with a soft, dimmed light. "The light builds up automatically, it corresponds to the natural rhythm of daylight and also adapts to it", says gill. In addition, he said, there was a warm. The builder was skeptical at first. Because so far, he said, there is no clinic that has this system in place. "As a builder, you're naturally worried", he confesses. These have meanwhile faded away: "an automatic feel-good atmosphere is created."


Rosler wants to call for solar energy short

Rosler wants to call for solar energy short

"In the long run, this will break the system and is not sustainable," said the minister. A reform of the law requiring the development of energy from the sun, wind or biomass had only come into force in january. This area is not part of rosler’s remit for the energy turnaround – federal environment minister norbert rottgen (CDU) is responsible.

Rosler is now advocating abandoning the fixed feed-in tariffs guaranteed for 20 years under the german renewable energies act (EEG). Instead, the minister wants to oblige utilities to supply a certain portion of their electricity from renewable sources. You could choose the form of production. This quantity model will draw out efficiency competition, rosler said.

Until now, eco-energy producers have received fixed payments per kilowatt hour of electricity. The difference between the prices obtained on the market for electricity and the remuneration is paid by consumers through the levy on the price of electricity. For an average household, the demand costs currently account for about 125 to 130 euros.


One in five low-wage workers

One in five low-wage workers

In the german labor market, more than 20 percent of dependent employees continue to be paid so-called low wages.

In april of this year, 7.8 million men and women were paid less than 12.27 euros an hour, as reported by the federal statistical office on monday. That was 21 percent of all employees. According to the international definition, an hourly wage is considered low if it is less than two-thirds of the median wage in a country.

According to the federal office, the number of low-wage jobs has risen by around 250 since april 2018.000 sunk. This was due to the widespread short-time work during the corona crisis, whose recipients were not paid as well. Statisticians assume that recipients of low wages were more likely to be hit by short-time work than others.


Heavy gales on wednesday, high water, fresh snow: this is how the weather will be for easter

Heavy gales on wednesday, high water, fresh snow: this is how the weather will be for easter

Strong temperature contrasts between northern and southern europe affect the weather beyond easter. Low-pressure areas move eastward directly over franconia. Weather expert stefan ochs speaks of interesting development possibilities. He expects heavy storm gusts on wednesday evening, high water on thursday and last even new snow on easter sunday.

According to wetterochs, the latter is rather unlikely. On tuesday it will be cloudy during the day and mostly without precipitation. The temperatures climb to about 9 degrees – the weak wind blows from west to south.

Weather in franconia: cold and wet eggs for easter


Anna maria muhe likes fashion of the past

Anna maria muhe likes fashion of the past

Actress anna maria muhe ("the new era") finds the feminine fashion of the postwar period already ? But would not like to swap.

"The clothing of the forties was still quite restrained, both in the colors and in the cuts. I liked the fashion of the fifties in our film, when there are costumes for women that they just look good in," the 34-year-old told the german press agency about her shooting for the event three-parter "our wonderful years" in the first.

Cinematically, it was great fun for all the actors to wear these clothes. The dressing room always helps a lot to feel into a role. But the TV star added: "nevertheless, in private I was glad in the evening when I could slip into my jeans again."


Five trucks, two traps and 200 cars.000 euros in damage: traffic chaos on the a3 near theilheim

Five truck drivers will probably remember the stretch of the A 3 between the rottendorf and randersacker junctions unpleasantly for a long time to come: on tuesday morning, they were involved in a rear-end collision there in the direction of frankfurt. Two drivers were slightly injured. In total there was a property damage of over 200.000 euro. According to the police, the result was a traffic jam that stretched for kilometers and reached far beyond the biebelrieder kreuz intersection.

At the randersacker junction, traffic in the direction of frankfurt is being led through three narrowed lanes due to construction work. Depending on the volume of traffic, long lines form on the right lane in front of the construction site, mainly due to heavy goods vehicles whose drivers are not allowed to overtake there.

End of traffic jam overlooked – truck crashes into tractor-trailer

At around 6:45 a.M., a 45-year-old driver noticed too late that a 40-ton truck in front of him was very slowly closing in on the end of the traffic jam. Despite braking fully, he crashed his tractor-trailer into the rear of the semitrailer about one kilometer after the rottendorf junction and pushed the vehicle onto a truck in front of it. The cab of his tractor-trailer was severely damaged and the man was trapped. The emergency doctor was flown in for first aid.


“Unbelievable. Simply stupid”: lauterbach sharply criticizes laschet after conversation with lateral thinker

Union chancellor candidate armin laschet and SPD health expert karl lauterbach argue about how to deal with a burger who suddenly came onto the stage unasked during one of laschet’s appearances. The head of the CDU had a long chat with the man at the event in erfurt on friday – at a very short distance. Lauterbach wrote on twitter: "unbelievable. Armin laschet lets himself be shouted at by a lateral thinker without a mask at a distance of 20 cm. That’s not close to a burger, it’s just stupid." Laschet spoke of the incident in potsdam on saturday, arguing that people must be listened to.

Otherwise, the social climate would become even rougher than it already was. "Karl lauterbach reproaches me for this, says that you can’t talk to these people, and thus poisons the climate once again."Lauterbach again refused to accept this argument. "I did not criticize that he let himself be shouted at by a querdenker. Only that he lets himself be yelled at without masks at a distance of 20 cm", wrote the SPD politician. The man had complained about the thuringian state government’s corona measures in schools, which provide a bubgeld in the first two weeks for parents whose children are neither vaccinated nor tested and are not considered to be in good health.


Climate change makes it easier for albatrosses to find food

climate change makes it easier for albatrosses to find food

Winds in the southern hemisphere have increased in intensity and changed to allow majestic albatrosses to reach food more quickly from their breeding colonies.

Under the changed conditions, the animals had gained an average of one kilogram in body weight over the past decades, and breeding success had improved, writes a french-german research team in the journal "science. However, these positive effects of climate change could be short-lived if the wind currents in the antarctic continue to shift.

If climate scenarios for the year 2080 come true, the living conditions of the endangered birds could worsen again, warn scientists. If the westerly winds shift even further toward the south pole, the wandering albatrosses will have to fly further again to find optimal sailing conditions.


Bamberg’s offer to the brose group

Bamberg's offer to the brose group

It is to be built next to the airport. For it the 1999 finished park and ride pallet at the breitenau had to be broken off. Bamberg airfield also facing far-reaching renewal.

"I don't think there is a city in germany that is about to be swallowed up with 500 new jobs." Andreas stark is electrified. For weeks now, the SPD mayor, who was re-elected in march, has been preparing the largest business settlement that the city on the river regnitz has seen in recent decades.

It's about brose, the global automotive supplier from coburg, and its plans to build a center of excellence for at least 500 jobs in the bamberg region.