Huk fills the arena

huk fills the arena

The city council already gave its approval in december 2011. But it still took several months before the fire safety issues were clarified. Then all that was missing was a floor covering and the chairs. At the end of january, the first staff meeting of HUK-coburg was held in the arena.
HUK employs just under 5,000 people in coburg. In the past, employees were invited from bahnhofsplatz to the congress center, from where the staff meeting was transmitted to the canteen at the willi-hussong-strabe site. There have also been two staff meetings for the various sites, recalls HUK press spokesman alois schnitzer.

Eberhard frobel, head of the city’s sports department, is also pleased with the successful premiere. "We had over 6000 people in the hall within four days", he says: first the company meeting of HUK-coburg, then the second league match of VSG coburg in volleyball with about 1000 spectators and on sunday the home match of the handball third league team HSC coburg with more than 2000 spectators.

This also poses organizational challenges for the head of the sports office. He has already formed a janitor pool, he tells. Frobel is responsible for the occupancy of the coburg sports halls outside of school sports as well as for the HUK-coburg-arena. The arena is subject to different rules than the other halls: on the one hand, no school sports take place there, and on the other hand, it is much more expensive to rent because the arena is classified as a "business of a commercial nature" is led.
Special conditions have been agreed for the one-week world championship in indoor model flying, he says. The very next weekend, the arena will once again serve as the venue for a german championship: that’s when the fistballers will measure their skills in coburg.


Singer-songwriter muller sings about “wunderboora dooch

Singer-songwriter muller sings about

Johann muller can neither read nor write notes. But that doesn't stop the 51-year-old from burghaslach from performing as a french songwriter for the past 13 years. "My music is innovative and doesn"t need notes", muller explained on the sidelines of his appearance on saturday evening in the tavern "freyung" in oberreichenbach.
"I bought my first guitar at the age of 15 and taught myself to play." The master carpenter has been writing texts for many years, and in 2000 it was his wife who asked him to finally make something out of his texts. No sooner said than done, muller had his first performance in the kleinkunstscheune in burghaslach and a year later, in 2001, came his first CD with the title "horch" on the market. The second one followed in 2006 and had the title "zwaa hand".
In the meantime muller has been represented twice at the bardentreffen in nurnberg and has also performed several times with the dachsbach-born author helmut haberkamm. Haberkamm reads, muller sings, both in dialect.
Since last fall, the new album of the french songwriter "wunderboora dooch" is available, on the market from which he played pieces on saturday. There are songs and stories about life with all its light and shadow sides. Be it the comic, the tragic or the curious mixture of the two, everyone will find themselves here. With a wink of the eye, muller illuminates his french homeland, love and life in his very own, inimitable and virtuosic way. With guitar, harmonica and in authentic french dialect.
In addition to singing, muller tells stories in a subtle, atmospheric and witty way, which not only get into your ears, but sometimes also under your skin, or at least make you laugh. So he told about the "aischgrund", or as it is called in dialect "aaschgrund", and that in the "aaschgrund" also "aaschlocher gives. Wrong thinking, a smiling johann muller explained to the audience, who might have been thinking of disliked people here. In the song of the same name by muller are meant those holes, which sometime in the past by meteorite impacts in the "aaschgrund" are created.
And when asked where france actually is, muller answered as follows: "france is a muggerschieb between moscow and paris."

A love song as an apology

Although muller has been married with four children, he wrote a love song for his wife last year, which he also performed. It was created after he had been at the burghaslacher kirchweih one evening a little too long and didn"t feel very well the next day because of one or the other mab of beer. His wife was so angry about this, also because she was on a professional training course that weekend, that "silent movies were the order of the day" at muller"s home. But johann muller invited his wife to the church fair sunday, played her the love song in the evening and everything was good again. "Wunderboora dooch" so. 


Wolf schmidt: the art of contemplation

Wolf schmidt: the art of contemplation

Everyone knows the hypnotic landscape paintings of caspar david friedrich – romantic painting par excellence, created with meticulously applied craftsmanship. Not all modern artists cultivate these old-fashioned techniques; indeed, after the second world war, realistic, representational art generally fell into disrepute.

Such considerations hardly play a role for wolf schmidt; he keeps away from the discourse of art theory. Realism is practically in the genes of the sudbadener born in 1948. For the architect with a doctorate, any dream images and unworldly abstractions were probably an imposition. And so in his own work he sticks to familiar subjects and preserved procedures – and thus in a kind of retro art again creates surprising visionary experiences.

Schmidt creates the beautiful. Beauty has no purpose. And yet some of his watercolors have served the preservation of beauty. When the master builder came to bamberg in 1980 after studying and spending time abroad, he was employed by the state office for the preservation of historical monuments in western lower franconia, z.B. Karlstadt, competent. The fronts between homeowners and their authorities were hardened. His paintings, anticipations of the final view, convinced the owners of problematic renovation cases to try renovation – and they, like the preservationists, were satisfied.


After 38 years, pupils of the zeitlofs elementary school meet again

After 38 years, pupils of the zeitlofs elementary school meet again

"Good morning, first class!" – "good morning, mr. Salfer!" – "sit down, please!" – this is not the burial of the first class of an elementary school – no, this is how the former abc-schutzen of the elementary school zeitlofs and their former teacher jurgen salfer buried themselves a few days ago.

After 38 years, organizers andrea weber and frank schiffler had invited their former first class to a classic reunion. "I was very happy about the invitation and accepted immediately. After all, this was the ‘dream class’ in my 40 years of teaching", emphasizes salfer. 19 of the 24 students from the class of 1980/81 went to the "steinerne wirtshaus" in weibenbach, and not only from the nearer surroundings of zeitlofs, but also from wurzburg, munich and even from florida/USA.

Warm and emotional

The meeting was characterized by a warm and emotional atmosphere, with many memories, with numerous stories and the exchange of old pictures from the time of the beginning of school. It soon became clear that the close bond that had developed between teachers and students over the course of a school year had continued to exist over the decades. In the days before, everyone was eager to see what had become of their former classmates and teacher over the course of time.


The spanish fly celebrates its premiere in heldritt

the spanish fly celebrates its premiere in heldritt

"There is no such thing as bad weather…", an old saying that is preserved on the waldbuhne almost yearly. With blankets and pillows in their packs, the spectators arrived again this year and did not let the cold spoil their good mood.

With folk music and dialect jokes, the werrataler blasmusikanten set the mood for the premiere. Friedhelm wolfert, chairman of the heimatverein, buried the "trotz-public", defying the weather, the market and fubball. The dress rehearsal on friday evening took place in pouring rain, the guests were spared the wet from above this evening.

Not only the club had shown a lucky hand with the choice of the amusement game, but even more so director michal sykora with the cast of the roles. Mario forster clearly took the cake as the choleric mustrich manufacturer ludwig klinke. The movement, mimicry and gestures he produced on stage were ripe for professional theater.


What will happen to the stadtsteinach train station??

What will happen to the stadtsteinach train station??

Station districts, at least in large cities, usually have an air of dinginess and disrepute. Some more or less illegal trades had been established in the area. Deutsche bahn has invested millions over the past few years to renovate and refurbish train stations. Buildings have been renovated, some converted into shopping centers with restaurants and cafes. The toilet facilities were renovated. There will be cleanliness and security – patrols by security services and the railroad police.

It’s different in the country. There, train stations are often left to themselves and thus to decay, replaced by ticket machines, privatized or used for other purposes, such as in trebgast by the diakonie, in untersteinach by a restaurant, or in kulmbach by the youth center.

Stadtsteinach has never been a real railroad station for passenger transport. In the post-war period, however, it was possible to take the commuter train from untersteinach, sometimes as far as kulmbach. The railroad line is still used today for transporting ballast from the stadtsteinach quarry if necessary. At the stadtsteinach terminus, an aging loading tower is used for this purpose.


Creative women present themselves at “per la donna

creative women present themselves at

"Per la donna" – already the name sounds like music. Behind the melodious name is a local show of around 30 freelance women from the region. More than five years ago, they got together as the "circle of creative women" to meet regularly and exchange experiences.

One idea that came up at these meetings was to organize a performance show to demonstrate what women's power is capable of achieving. 21 small businesswomen attended the first show in markt einersheim at the schutzenhaus. In the meantime the number has grown to over 30. "Per la donna" has grown up, so to speak, and last sunday the exhibition took place for the second time in the multipurpose hall in mainbernheim.

Visitors were invited to stroll, look and browse for the new and the familiar. Around 600 guests accepted the invitation. At the individually decorated stands, visitors received advice and information on floristry, travel, silk painting, naturopathy, fashion and jewelry, hairstyling and cosmetics, hand-sewn table linens, physiotherapy and much more.


Markt zapfendorf presents three winners

Markt zapfendorf presents three winners

Mursbach has set an example: a few weeks ago, the village in the itzgrund region received a prize in the competition "our village has a future – our village should become more beautiful" a gold medal at the federal level. Now the round of the most beautiful villages is about to begin again, and so the district commission of the competition was on the road for three days to tour and evaluate the 15 registered villages in the district of bamberg.

Kirchschletten and sassendorf will be the winners of the points, which will be forwarded to the district competition, in the category of towns with less than 600 inhabitants, and steppach, zapfendorf and trabelsdorf with more than 600 inhabitants. Strongly represented this year was the municipality of zapfendorf, which had entered no less than eight parts of the municipality and can be truly proud of itself with three winners.

The "dor competition" is about not about neat flower arrangements and clean lawn edges, on the contrary, a bit of wilderness can't hurt. Environmental and nature conservation, the economic, social and cultural commitment of burghers and local politicians, the village community, the building culture and the location of the village in the landscape are closely scrutinized by the relevant experts at the district level.


Pediatric team saves raghad’s life

pediatric team saves raghad's life

Erlangen – little raghad looks out into the world from coarse round eyes and curiously follows what is happening around her. The fact that the little girl, who is just four months old, is so lively and her father ayman is able to smile again is due to the great civil commitment and the "children’s heart surgery" campaign thanks to erlangen university hospital.
Raghad was born in april 2015 in sasa (syria) with a serious heart defect. "The aortic valve and the aorta itself were highly constricted. Almost all the blood was congested in the left ventricle and the anterior chamber of the heart", explains prof. Dr. Robert cesnjevar, head of the pediatric cardiac surgery department at the uni-klinikum erlangen, the heart defect that the pediatric cardiac team was able to largely correct with two interventions lasting several hours.
The aortic stenosis was removed in the cardiac catheterization laboratory with a balloon catheter and the aortic stenosis was successfully operated on the next day. "Raghad was critically ill and without these two emergency interventions she could have died any day – now raghad and her family have a new perspective", is pleased prof. Dr. Sven dittrich, head of the pediatric cardiology department at the uni-klinikum erlangen, where the child has been treated since his arrival.
The way from sasa to erlangen was long and led through upper bavaria: because there the bath tolzerin elisabeth sellmaier became attentive over acquaintances on raghad. The fate of the little girl and her family touched the heart of elisabeth sellmaier, herself the mother of a three-year-old boy. However, the life-saving operation is currently unthinkable in syria, and with the sale of his store for over-the-counter medicines, the father could only cover the costs of the arduous journey to germany.

At his daughter’s bedside

Therefore the bath tolzerin heaven and holle set in motion. In the huguenot city, she received support from the association "erlangen helps, who contributed his many years of experience and practical help on the spot. After weeks of effort, it was late in the evening on the 12th. August finally the time had come: daughter and father were welcomed by doctors, health care workers and nurses at the pediatric cardiology center in erlangen.
On her long journey, which threatened to fail several times, raghad was at first still accompanied by both parents, due to difficulties at the border to lebanon, finally only still accompanied by his father. While he was admitted to the ronald mcdonald house in erlangen and spent as much time as possible at his daughter’s bedside, the hopes and fears continued for mother ghufran and ten-year-old sister riem in syria. "So much the better when, at the end of august, we were finally able to give them the good news that raghad had survived the many interventions well and could in the meantime be transferred from the intensive care unit to the normal ward", says dr. Faidi omar mahmoud from erlangen helps. The girl can be discharged at the beginning of september. "The past four months have been one big drama. But now we are very happy, father ayman speaks for the family.
The "children’s heart surgery" campaign is an initiative of the pediatric cardiology department and the pediatric cardiac surgery department of the university hospital erlangen. Their goal: to heal needy, seriously ill children from abroad in erlangen. This goal cannot be financed from our own funds and is dependent on donations. The donated funds are used exclusively for medical treatment without deduction of administrative costs, account fees or special fees.


District of bad kissingen: need for children’s homes on the rise

district of bad kissingen: need for children's homes on the rise

Too many cases, too little time, too much paper – that is the daily routine of the youth welfare office. 223 pages thick is the current annual and business report of the youth welfare committee. At last monday’s meeting, the focus was on expenditures and revenues as well as youth social work at schools in the district of bad kissingen.

In total, the revenues of the youth welfare office from the past year amount to around 3.8 million, the expenditures to around ten million euros. The largest share of so-called cost-intensive assistance is accounted for by full-time care and home education, each accounting for 23.4 and 24.3 percent of total costs, respectively. A serious increase in expenditure is due to the care of unaccompanied refugees who are minors. 1.7 million euros were spent on home education here.

"The income in youth welfare is generally quite sparse", explains head of the youth welfare office siegbert goll. "Some of the costs can be recouped through recreational activities or state demands." Youth welfare distinguishes between care for groups or individual cases. In the latter case, inpatient care, such as nursing home care or assisted living, represents the largest source of income, at around three million euros. "In some cases, we don’t get a case until late in the day, so there’s very little that can be done with outpatient services, says goll.